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Altitude Leak Detection of Colorado

Altitude Leak Detection in Denver, Colorado is your best choice for professional, accurate, and honest leak detection for residential, commercial, and municipal customers. Using the latest technology and highly skilled technicians, we find the source efficiently and effectively, keeping you on budget by saving you time and money. If you are looking for THE reliable Leak Detection company in Colorado, look no further, you've found it here with ALD.


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Commercial & Residential Leaks

Regardless if the leak is inside or outside of a structure, Altitude Leak Detection can find it with its state-of-the-art technology. Technology and equipment that most plumbing companies do not possess.

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Water Districts & Municipalities

We also locate leaks in water distribution systems for Municipalities and Water Districts, Location services of utilities including sewer, water, gas, electric, phone, and fiber-optic lines are also provided.

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Pool, Spa & Fountain Leaks

We offer water leak detection for pools, spas and fountains – for commercial and residential properties.

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For Oz Ossinger, Colorado has been home since the turn of the century. Born in the Northwest, he traveled extensively throughout the country and abroad. After proudly serving in the US Army, Oz worked in both commercial and industrial construction for many years. He acquired his leak detection training in Denver and is privileged to serve his fellow Coloradans. When on his own time he enjoys family, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing.



Big Job for UPS

Altitude Leak Detection was hired by United Parcel Service in Commerce City, to find the origins of a serious leak. UPS wanted to save time and money by avoiding digging up an entire area near the loading docks. Their solution was calling Altitude Leak Detection to pinpoint the exact spot where the leak began. Using sensitive listening devices ALD quickly located the source. With the knowledge of the precise location of the breach, UPS chose to dig and patch the 6-inch water main break, saving thousands of gallons of water.

AutoNation Needed Help Fast

We were called out by AutoNation Collision Centers plumber to locate a water leak at their location near 74th and Federal, Westminster Colorado. Water was flooding up to the street through the service opening to the shut-off valve, but the City’s shut off valve wasn’t the problem.  The actual leak was discovered 25 feet from the shut-off valve using a specialized sonic micro-phone that can listen deep underground.  AutoNation’s contractor was able to dig in the correct spot to repair the leak in record time that’s to Altitudes expertise and quick response.

Westminster Resident Losing 4000 Gallons a Day

Even with ALL the water outlets turned off in the house, that meters still spinning!  4000 Gal a day loss translates into $320 a day being billed by the utility company.  Yikes!  Using a specialized sonic microphone, Altitude was able to locate the leak with 8 inches of the actual broken section of pipe in the 6-foot deep service line from the street to the house.

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If you have already received service from Altitude Leak Detection, we have made it easy to make a payment. 




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